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Articles, videos, and resources to get more from your money, life, and game.

A Golfer's Explanation of Asset Allocation Thumbnail

A Golfer's Explanation of Asset Allocation

The Masters is behind us and Scottie Scheffler has a new green jacket to wear around town. Here's a question...do you think Scottie would have won playing with 14 drivers in his golf bag? Of course not, he knows each club in the bag serves a different purpose and having the right clubs in the bag gave him the best chance to win. Your investment portfolio is a lot like your golf bag. In this episode of The 19th Hole: Episode 7 - A Golfer's Explanation of Asset Allocation Have a great day and hit 'em well! #golf #financialplanning

How Liquid Are You? Thumbnail

How Liquid Are You?

Imagine you step on to the famous island green 17th at TPC Sawgrass. Now imagine that you've only got one golf ball left in the bag. How do you feel? Those feelings...stress, anxiety. Unfortunately, playing the 17th hole at Sawgrass with one golf ball is how prepared most people are to handle unexpected expenses or to take advantage of an opportunity. It's also the reason money is constantly cited as a top source of stress among Americans. Liquidity matters, a lot. In this episode of the 19th Hole: Episode 6 - How Liquid Are You? As a bonus, make sure to download our guide to Liquid Term and make sure you've got enough golf balls in the bag. Play well!

Key Considerations When Joining a Golf Club Thumbnail

Key Considerations When Joining a Golf Club

We’ve seen our first few Masters commercial and the smell of spring is in the air. For those of in winter climates, that golf itch is starting to get real itchy. If you’ve been thinking about joining a club, this episode of the 19th Hole is for you: Episode 5: Key Considerations When Joining A Golf Club We dive into making sure you understand the true cost of initiation and dues, the amenities a club offers, the style of course, and how easy it is to get out and play. Hit ‘em well!

What are you planning for? Thumbnail

What are you planning for?

Real financial planning exists at the intersection of life and money. It's easy to get caught up in tactics and strategies on the money side of things. Tactics matter, but it's impossible to know which tactic to use until you get clear on what the money is for...living your version of a great life, an under par life. A real financial plan helps you start living your great life as soon as possible. In this episode of the 19th Hole we dive into the softer side of financial planning and provide you Three Questions to create alignment between life and money. They help you understand: What am I planning for? Check out the first comment for a link to complete your Three Questions and take the first step to building a real financial plan.

What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? The Golf Version Thumbnail

What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? The Golf Version

For all my golfers out there, this one is for you. I’m willing to be that you’ve never heard tax-loss harvesting explained quite like this! This episode of The 19th Hole: Tax-Loss Harvesting - The Golf Version Listen in for 3 minutes as I tell a golf story that will help you understand tax-loss harvesting and how it can potentially turn market volatility into a lower tax bill. If you find this helpful show a little love and click share!